He is our family historian,
he moves around the world with ease,
discovering family secrets,
uncovering lost traces.
“I found the ship’s manifest online,”
he said.
“Shows the date and time Grandma Benzli
arrived from Europe, with her Uncle John
and sister, Betty.”
Seeing the document
I felt I had touched history,
a fantasy made real by virtual reality.
Michael has uncovered my ancestors from Switzerland,
has dug these lost great grandparents up
online and
now we know where the skeletons are buried.

About carole

Enrolled in BFA program at the Chicago Art Institute, finished graduate studies at MASSart. Taught college level art. Collections in NYC, Northeast, Cape Cod, Illinois, Bosnia, France, UK. Work can be seen at L'Attitude Gallery, Boston.
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  1. Carol w/o an e says:

    Great last line. And so it is!

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