My Process in Making 5 generations in a Collage

A new experiment with my new process of recreating generations that anyone could put on their wall, see their grandfather, father, brothers, sons, etc.  The new work, which I will soon put a photo of involved incorporating 5 generations of males in my family.  My grandfather, father, their father, the two brothers and my grandson.  The task was to make a unified statement which the brothers (and I am giving this for father’s day to my sons) could relate to, incorporating text that was meaningful to them.  I ended up with many words and phrases that they would know as family humor and places they had lived and visited all over the world.  It was a bit daunting, but I finally found the answer in the process!

About carole

Enrolled in BFA program at the Chicago Art Institute, finished graduate studies at MASSart. Taught college level art. Collections in NYC, Northeast, Cape Cod, Illinois, Bosnia, France, UK. Work can be seen at L'Attitude Gallery, Boston.
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