Art and Passion

Nature’s Drama of June 1 was unsettling and the funnel cloud traveled in a random pattern throughout Western Mass. I was in the basement with my 4 year old grandson, watching the eerie color outside as the 100 mile per hour winds uprooted trees and tore my fence apart. It was frightening. It was like emerging from a war zone as we started back up the stairs. Now, however, I am going to take this drama and put my passion back into art. No funnel clouds will be seen in my 30 x 40 inch canvas! It’s time to make the most of my time and paint.

About carole

Enrolled in BFA program at the Chicago Art Institute, finished graduate studies at MASSart. Taught college level art. Collections in NYC, Northeast, Cape Cod, Illinois, Bosnia, France, UK. Work can be seen at L'Attitude Gallery, Boston.
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