Grey Day in New England

I bought the house I live in because it has an all weather porch with 7 windows near my easel. Artists are certainly concerned with the light and today is so rainy and grey (as it has been most of week) I probably will not paint. When the sun comes out tomorrow, the painting will certainly change. When you apply acrylic paint, it usually dries darker, so it’s a constant adjustment. I often mix paint on the canvas, rather than on the enamel palette. But of course, when you add another color or shape, you have to adjust the whole painting. If the shapes and colors don’t work, it’s like a discordant note in a symphony. But when they do, WOW……so thrilling.

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Enrolled in BFA program at the Chicago Art Institute, finished graduate studies at MASSart. Taught college level art. Collections in NYC, Northeast, Cape Cod, Illinois, Bosnia, France, UK. Work can be seen at L'Attitude Gallery, Boston.
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  1. To paint from natural, North light would be wonderful but, alas, I must use artificial light best I can. But your talking about grey days reminded me of just the other day when i was driving on a foggy morning. I was looking at the groups of trees, one behind the other, and how their tones changed one to the other depending on how for away. Nothing new I know but it was so beautiful, the colors. There was so much depth in the greyed colors that the light seemed to come from within the masses, rather than from without. Thank you for reminding me!

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