My Journey Thus Far

I was born in Chicago, raised two sons in Illinois, before moving to New England.  I went back to school to study art and got a BA with my son, Michael, in 1987 from UMASS, Amherst.  I went to grad. school in Boston, graduating in 1992.  Went on to teach at Elms College in Chicopee, MA.  My work as an art educator has taught me much.  I show my work regularly throughout New England.  The newest work came from a show themed “Gaia” and plan to post the image soon.   Poetry is my next love, as is love for words.  Cooking is another interest and travel certainly is high on the list.

2 Responses to My Journey Thus Far

  1. I enjoyed this. I will return when I am more widely awake, and read instead of skimming.


  2. bob doyle says:

    beautiful site ,wonderful art….
    I looked up your partners Rod’s name

    your life all of you guy’s were something most people don’t even know exists…quite extraordinary….is this anyone I know[kinda’ know]

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