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  1. These posts are great, Carole! I was going to leave a comment about the time I dodged a rat in a grass hut in Fiji back in the 60’s, but your line about “no cell phones yet” was too tempting.

    I actually held off on getting my first cell phone until two months ago when my daughter raised such a ruckus, she threatened to disown me. Course she has so many communication devices going off simultaneously, she’s no longer capable of speaking in complete sentences . . . but that’s another story.

    I finally ran out of my “too much trouble” excuses when somebody invented a “cell phone for dummies.” It’s got big buttons that light up when you push them and displays giant numbers on the screen as you dial. It even politely (or condescendingly, I’m not sure which) asks you if you’re really sure that’s the number you want to dial. Then I just push “yes” and suddenly I’ve stepped through the portal into the wireless millennium.

    Course I keep the thing hidden in my purse since it resembles one of my granddaughter’s PlaySkool accessories . . . only it’s not hot pink and it’s not trimmed with sparkles.

    But I’ll no longer have to circle the airport for an hour trying to pick up someone who is waiting on the wrong level.

  2. carole says:

    Sharon…thanks for looking and reading. Cell phones….nothing worse in traffic and in airports waiting for a flight…….but it’s my safety net if I have a flat tire. If the grandchild can have one, so can we! lol……And I agree, as I picked up my high school friend from Peoria last Monday at Hartford and we connected via the cell.

  3. Carol w/o an e says:

    Great last line. And so it is!

  4. I enjoyed this. I will return when I am more widely awake, and read instead of skimming.


  5. bob doyle says:

    beautiful site ,wonderful art….
    I looked up your partners Rod’s name

    your life all of you guy’s were something most people don’t even know exists…quite extraordinary….is this anyone I know[kinda’ know]

  6. Patricia B. Janda says:

    Dear Carole,
    I enjoyed reading about your many, many successes. Ever since we met in Illinois in the 1970s, you have charmed and impressed me. You have been an inspiration to me all through the years. As you know, my love is writing, both poetry and short non-fiction stories. Along with that love is music. Life is so full with these two passions.
    I learned from you that art, music and writing soothes the soul.
    May you have continued success for years to come.
    Your friend,
    Pat Janda

  7. color has its own identity, are archetypes of our feelings profundos.cada color expresses an emotional content that often tells us our hidden senses razão.o all colors of red is the color most viseral, emotional, aggressive, it follows the man since ancient times in the depths of our unconscious red screams the fear of death ………….

    Carlos Thága

  8. It was so nice to meet you yesterday, through Carol, at the poetry workshop. This event looks lovely, and, often writing about art, and women artists in particular, I’m very taken with the theme of your blog. Hope we meet again!

  9. Tom O'Brien says:

    Carole, What a enjoyable site. I love your work. Are you still painting?

  10. carole says:

    Oh yes….I am glad you are leaving behind a children’s book. But you might want to reconsider writing more books!

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  12. MTMcClanahan says:

    I wonder what the “unknown quantity” was for Hesse–was it something she could at all identify or wanted to identify. What was she searching for beyond the “understandable”.

  13. carole says:

    Hi and thanks for reading. Here is what Hesse said about her art: “I would like the work to be non-work. This means that it would find its way beyond my preconceptions. What I want of my art I can eventually find. The work must go beyond this. It is my main concern to go beyond what I know and what I can know. The formal principles are understand and understood. It is the unknow quantity from which and where I want to go. As a thing, an object, it acceeds to its non-logical self. It is something. It is nothing.” I don’t know if this answers your question. Her work is certainly mysterious. She was in a show called “Eccentric Abstraction.” I have always found it fascinating. Especially a work called “Contingent” which I saw at the Guggenheim years ago. It is so subtle and so ethereal and so unnameable, yet so totally compelling to me.

  14. URL Shorten says:

    Very Intellectual Article, I apreciate

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  16. carole says:

    maybe guest writing a blog?

  17. Very energetic article, I enjoyed that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

  18. Your attitude is refreshing, Carole, and very welcome. As an artist working in another medium (words, not paint), I am continually frustrated by the unwillingness of so many in my own community to share useful advice. By useful, I mean specific. “Advice” is usually extremely generic, thus not much help. I make a point to freely share what I charge, how I find work, why I don’t query, and of course my writing techniques. Most people won’t follow even the best advice anyhow because it’s too much trouble. If they are willing to do the work, more power to them.

  19. To paint from natural, North light would be wonderful but, alas, I must use artificial light best I can. But your talking about grey days reminded me of just the other day when i was driving on a foggy morning. I was looking at the groups of trees, one behind the other, and how their tones changed one to the other depending on how for away. Nothing new I know but it was so beautiful, the colors. There was so much depth in the greyed colors that the light seemed to come from within the masses, rather than from without. Thank you for reminding me!

  20. What a fresh new look at the Mannerists, Carole! Thanks for opening my eyes to an art period I have not looked at for a very long time. I love your idea of the chaos around the crucifixion of Christ. So human a view, isn’t it, compared to formalized versions with stiff figures. It breaks the icon mold, and I would imagine that upset the ecclesiastic community.

    Great article. Glad to be sharing the page with you! Best regards. Susan

  21. Love it, Carole. So very like my own, except I move from medium to medium like a true ADHD, so always have something to make things of! Very fun blog. May you get many followers who will share with their art loving friends. Susan

  22. carole says:

    Thank you so much Susan. I appreciate that someone took the time to read it. I really do love those guys…..and I think it was mostly guys.

  23. Gary Burnhardt says:

    I really like your work. I don’t like all of your titles. Don’t we spend enough time with idiots who try to “see” something they recognize in an abstract? I’m sure that when you were painting, you often weren’t visualizing something concrete, correct? Then why play this insidious game yourself? Your forms and colors speak for themselves, you don’t need to try to “interpret” them for a viewer. This is not true of all of your titles, some are magnificent, without trying to visualize something “real”.

  24. carole says:

    I’m glad you like my work. However, I’m not playing an ‘insidious game’ when I discover a form that takes on a concrete icon, something I often discover myself after the painting is done. Yes, I know that the forms and colors speak for themselves, but while painting is my passion, I am not opposed when someone sees something that is referential to them. Thanks for liking some of my titles.

  25. Geoffrey A Geller says:

    I love “Edges”. Is it available in a print?

  26. carole says:

    Yes, it is available in print. Paper or Canvas. Let me know and I will give you quotes on either. Thank you for looking.

  27. Geoffrey A Geller says:

    Quote on canvas print of “Edges” 36 x 48 please.

  28. Geoffrey A Geller says:

    Please email me with the quote.

  29. carole guthrie says:

    Hi Geoffrey: Did you want canvas or paper?

  30. carole guthrie says:

    Sorry, I see you mentioned canvas already. I am working on getting the quote from my giclee partner. Will email you today.

    Best regards,

  31. Geoffrey: The painting title is “Edges”? I have two paintings with similar titles, so want to make sure I have the right one. Carole

  32. Geoffrey: I believe you want “Edges” My giclee partner says we can go as large as 38 x 48″…Image would be that size on canvas. The price for stretched canvas is $1500 and possibly $350 for shipping. Do not know where you are located. If you wanted it unstretched on canvas, the price would be $1300 and shipped in a tube for $50.

    Please let me know if you wish a giclee….Thank you, Carole.

  33. Geoffrey A Geller says:

    Can a canvas unstretched be later stretched on a frame? I am on a limited budget, but really love edges. Is that the best price you can give me? I live in Sarasota area of Florida. Why is the stretched canvas so expensive to ship? I’m hoping you can give me a price that I can afford. Thanks so much.

    Geoff Geller

  34. Geoffrey A Geller says:

    Hi Carole

    I was just wondering when you sent out the “Edges” print, as I have not yet received it.

    Geoff Geller

  35. Geoff: This will take some time, as my giclee printer had to order some ink. It will go out next week. Hope this is not an inconvenience. We are working hard to get this to you. Regards, Carole

  36. Geoff: This print will be worth waiting for. I will get it to you as soon as I can. I should have explained that the giclee process is painstaking and time consuming. My Printer, Alan, had to get some supplies, ink and canvas, etc. Also, in addition to the printing, he gives the canvas 3 coats of varnish. It takes at least one day to dry and then add another. Warm regards to you.

  37. Geoffrey A Geller says:

    Ok thanks, I didn’t realize. Keep me posted. Thanks

  38. Geoffrey A Geller says:

    Hi Carole,

    I just wanted to confirm that “Edges” was sent out on Monday March 19th. I have not yet received it. Please send me an update. Thanks.

    Geoff Geller