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lightspacetime abstract exhibition


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New Catalog features a painting of mine in a room environment

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The Armory Show, NYC

The recent Armory Show features many artists we know and love along with new talent.  l wasn’t able to physically attend, but the online presentation is worth a look!
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Jurying for the Mac Arts Council Annual Show

Vision as Voice

Last week, three of us juried the annual show in Monson, MA.  There were over 250 entries, many of them digital.  It was a congenial effort for all three of us.  Reception is on March 23, 2013.

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A Group of Artists interpreting Wistariahurst Mansion

A group of us met in June and took in the feelings that the Victorian Mansion in Holyoke, MA provided. I felt the energy of the Skinner Family, silk merchants, still alive and well in the house. My painting, “The Ghost in the Music Room” hung in the gallery over the fireplace and I hope it captured the emotions I had while in the museum.

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Beautiful England

My visit to the UK to see son, granddaughter and son’s partner was invigorating in so many ways. Usually, we head off tot he Tate or a London museum, but this time, the South Downs provided all the inspiration needed. Perusing the pubs, with their eclectic menus and warm atmosphere is something to sit back and ponder since I have been home.

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Kandinsky again

I guess it is heartening as a painter to know that some of my heroes, namely Kandinsky, sometimes miss their mark.  I refer to the early work pictured on my August Kandinsky calendar.  Whoa, buddy, what were you thinking?  Of course, Picasso had a few ‘unsuccessful’ works which still bring in millions at auction!

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Musing on Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane

Moving from nature and tornadoes to Kandinsky’s passionate philosophy about art making is a relief, even though the drama is revealed in the artist’s non-objective paintings. In his essay, “Point and Line to Plane,” he says the point is akin to language and is a language signifier. The point as period, but further he says that the point is a “tension, a temporary presence.” “Point and Line to Plane’ could be a drawing manual, giving artists compositional guidance through the use of these elements. Line can be quiet or thrusting. It’s all about mark making on a black sheet of paper, thus creating a composition. In literature, point (or period) indicates pause between two sentences (or lines). In music a pause/period after a musical note creates a Mozart or a Beethoven composition. Point, line and plane are interwoven among the arts. Now my questions is: What is the content in the pauses/silence between points/periods.

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Art and Passion

Nature’s Drama of June 1 was unsettling and the funnel cloud traveled in a random pattern throughout Western Mass. I was in the basement with my 4 year old grandson, watching the eerie color outside as the 100 mile per hour winds uprooted trees and tore my fence apart. It was frightening. It was like emerging from a war zone as we started back up the stairs. Now, however, I am going to take this drama and put my passion back into art. No funnel clouds will be seen in my 30 x 40 inch canvas! It’s time to make the most of my time and paint.

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